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Greatest double glories

23 Temmuz 2017, 11:51 - Güncelleme: 23 Temmuz 2017, 12:36

One victory is phenomenal, two victory is priceless. How came true athletics’ stunning individual double winning at the World Champs? Focused on double gold winning athletes at same stadium.

Greatest double glories By Sevket F. ERBAY

In London, South Africa’s Wayde Van Niekerk will try to rare double in athletics by winning 200-400 metres at one of the biggest scene of the sport, World Championships. If he does, he’ll be second athlete ever to complete this double at this level after legendary Michael Johnson. 

Double victory in biggest scenes, World Champs or Olympics is very hard task surely, but it’s not to occuring rare, actually. There are 24 doubles (individual winning on two different event) in the history of World Champs since 1983 - three times accomplished by sprint king Usain Bolt and twice by Mo Farah and Carl Lewis. 

Generally, it’s happened in traditional way with closely corelated sprint (100-200) or distance (5000-10,000m) events, furthermore some semi-related doubles (LJ/Heptathlon or 1500/5000m) also achieved in the past. Here’s the compilated list of the double gold winning achivements in same IAAF World Champs and most valuable* ones: 

5. TYSON GAY (100-200 IN OSAKA) 
The fast American was the last king of sprint before Usain Bolt’s official arrive. Actually, he beat Bolt in Osaka while he took 200 metres title, but 21-year old Jamaican was not to real shape at that time. Gay who came to Japan as world leader (9.84 and 19.62) in both sprints, went to victory with formidable speeds in the high-tension finals. He pushed by Jamaican sensation Asafa Powell, who lowered the world record to 9.74 one month after World Champs, but clocked 9.85 in the slight counter-wind conditions in Nagai Stadium. His winning times in both sprint event 9.85 and 19.76 have combined to 2517 IAAF points, five more from Maurice Greene’s 1999 double. 

Considering greatest full-lap runner of athletics history, Michael Johnson arrived in Göteborg with some confidence. He ran 43.66 at US Trials in Sacramento followed by 43.86 win in Oslo Meeting at his prime event, 400 metres. He humiliated world record holder Butch Reynolds in 400 metres final by biggest winning margin (0.83 sec) at this level in the event history after stunning 43.39 victory, just 0.10 shy of world record. It was also 46th successive wins for Michael at the event. 

The unmatchable Texan returned to track next day after 400m victory. He just easily cascaded to 200m final with respectively 20.57, 20.35 and 20.01 - world lead - clockings, then sat out lane 4 for the victory. Next to him, lane 3 occupied by Frank Fredericks of Namibia, defending champion, and other side belongs to Brazilian Robson Da Silva. But MJ had no interest but winning, focused straight to his curve. He amazed to joyful spectators once more by 19.79 championship record on that occasion. 

Hard to believe for a 400-800 double at a major? It is. Winning this two body-killing contest in just four days - simoultaneously - , is just surreal. Jarmila Kratocvilova, who had muscular physique which was frequently alleged built it by a drug use, was a late blossomer in fact, too. She didn’t ran under 53 seconds late-20s, but fired up with 47.99 world record in Helsinki. 

Kratocvilova produced some ‘modest’ times in heats and semis while reaching 800 metres final. But she had monstrous ran in final never witnessed before and even until now, clocked 1:54.68 world record, which is still stood. Running after only 33 minutes after her 400m semis appearance, Kratocvilova had a gap nearly two second over silver medallist Lyubov Gurina, also ran a PB. 

The 33-year old Czech back to track at very next day for 400 metres crown. Just starting on lane 3, Jarmila had to lead around end of the first bend, then sustained her amazing speed until the finish line. The results was 47.99, second world record which is broken in a World Championships event. Kratocvilova travelled at 23.1 in first half of the race, merely lead of Maria Pinigina; but in the second half, she produced stunning 24.9, some distance comparing with Soviet athlete - travelled 26.0 in the last 200 metres. 

Heptathlon and long jump double. Somebody can try to emulate this, but probably no athlete will match up with this superbly done. JJ Kersee broke the world heptathlon record (7158 pts) one month before she’s arriving to Italian capital, Rome. 25-year old gifted athlete competed by herself in heptathlon. 

Jackie won heptathlon with 7128 points, nearly 600-pts gap between Soviet Larisa Nikitina, who scored 6564 points by taking silver. She leapt 7.14 long jump, cleared 1.90 in high jump, clocked 22.95 in 200 metres and throwed 45.68 javelin, every single performance of it could be compared to specific event’s finalists. 

Three days after, confident Jackie Joyner-Kersee came to Olympic Stadium for long jump. Normally, she growing up as a vastly-talented jumper, that’s the reason to why Jackie was adapting so easy to horizontal jumping event. After starting with 6.91 leap at the opening round, she took the lead with her 7.12 second attempt. Next turn, JJ had even a bigger one: 7.36 metres! No one have any answer of that. Conclusion with three more nearly 7-meter attempts, Joyner celebrates her second gold medal in four days. And never-matched double, too... 

1. USAIN BOLT (100-200 IN BERLIN) 
If Berlin 2009 stamped is unique and sensational event at the world sports history, Usain Bolt had an enormous part in this. The cheerful and talented Jamaican, who suddenly turned a poster boy exactly one year before from Berlin - scheduled in Olympic Stadium for athletics’ most pointed double, 100 and 200 metres. But, not only winning this two races - previously succeed by three Americans, Greene, Gatlin and Guy - also with the records. 

Bolt won his heat 10.20, then clocked 10.02 and 9.89 respectively. He was talking ‘running 9.50s’ before the final if he reacts well. He had a false start in semi final - no need to disqualified at that time - but eventually got 9.89 finish after that. In day of August 16, purely focused stands witnessed most amazing 100 metres performance ever. Usain leave from block in 0.146 secs - not too bad comparing with his under average reactions - and completed the course in 9.58 seconds. It was unbelieavable sprinting by Bolt, who shattered own world record by 0.11 margin. With chasing his wind, Tyson Gay also produced superb time, 9.71 - it’s US record. 

Bolt’s 9.58 victory equalled 1356 points on IAAF table, means highest ever single performance to ever realized. Evenly, his 200 metres victory was also beyond imagination. Usain broke second world record in 200 metres with 19.19, yet another 0.11 cutting by old one. With the reaching 9.92 in half mark at the curve, he enjoyed a sole run on his kingdom at the final strech. After him, four guys (Edward, Spearmon, Crawford and Mullings) ran under 20-sec thanks to Bolt’s provided athmosphere. 

* Generated a list based on IAAF performance points total with two gold medal winning marks.
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